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Kris Jacobs (1974)


Freedom to experience life, to create, to express myself, to taste and discover and than, use these experiences to grow.

Grow as a person, a partner, a friend, a colleague, a photographer…

My passion for photography has always been there. It took a while before I realized this could be a profession too though. After having studied “Tourism management” and having worked in the tourism industry (travel has always been an important part of my life) for a while, I worked in sales for 10 years. During those years photography remained a creative outlet. Only after I ‘d studied photography at Sint Lucas, Gent in evening school, I decided to follow my heart and take my my lifelong hobby to another level by starting as a professional photographer. Best decision of my life :-).

Having started out as a wide range photographer, shooting just about anything imaginable, I am now discovering my true passions ; food and product photography. The experience gained from shooting such a wide variety of subjects certainly is a plus in my current work. Photography is problem solving, and the more experience, the more luggage one has to tackle these challenges and create the desired images. This way I can help my clients with their visual communication which is vital for any company.

These days I mostly work for publishing companies, magazines, advertising agencies, restaurants, food producers and other companies. Ranging from big companies till small scale producers.

Watch me at work during a tv interview about food photography (Dutch).

Quality, service and customer satisfaction are key to Kris Jacobs Photography.


Services :

-food photography

-product photography

-editorial photography

-b2b photography


-concept development


-corporate photography

-event photography



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